Educational Programs

Infant Nursery

We take pride in the designing of the infant environment, in the selection and training of our staff, the development of our curriculum activities, and in the continuous love that we share with our infants. The period between birth and three years of age is a critical developmental time of growth. Current research indicates that infants are defining personality, future learning ability, and emotional attachments.

  • We listen to infants by interpreting their sounds, demeanor, physical look, and moods.
  • We interact with infants on a continual basis to insure that all infants in our care receive sensory stimulation.
  • We are led by the infants' needs as we provide napping time, diapering time, feeding time, and play time at their request.
  • We constantly sanitize and disinfect the infant environment. Sanitation procedures are clearly defined for all caregivers. Each infant has their own bed that is not shared by anyone.
  • We provide a daily communication record of your infant's day. We list when and what was eaten, diaper changing information, napping times, and general infant observational notes.

Babies learn and grow so quickly. By the end of this year your infant will have almost tripled in size. He or She will be crawling and maybe even taking a timid first step! We spend lots of time holding, cuddling, and playing with your little one. We are richly rewarded with smiles and laughter.
*Caregivers respect their needs, infants eat, sleep and play on their own desires.

  • On-Carpet Time for Fine Motor Development: Grasping, Turning, Tracking, Cause & Effect.
  • Outside Time Provided: Balls, Push/Pull Toys, Bouncers, Infant Swings.
  • Sensory Activities: Touching, Feely Books, Textures.
  • Gross Motor Movement Development: Reaching, Pushing, Pulling, Crawling, Cruising.
  • Napping Provided
  • Diaper Service
  • On-Demand Feeding
  • Fine Motor Development: Target Experience, Pounding, Throwing.
  • Gross Motor Development: Rolling, Climbing, Crawling.
  • Language Development: Talking, Listening, Looking.
  • Music Activities: Moving to Rhythms, Listening, Singing.

$200.00 per week pre-payment discount rate ($215.00 regular rate)

Toddler Program

A remarkable milestone is achieved as a child enters this stage of development. The ability to move about is reached by children who are able to walk. Other children may reach this milestone by finding other means of mobility if a handicap prevents conventional abilities. We believe that all children have the right to grow and learn in a warm, safe and loving environment. In our toddler program your child will have the opportunity to increase his or her independence while exploring his or her surroundings. We provide a daily communication record of your toddler's day.
We understand that each child is an individual and that children develop at their own pace. For this reason, we invite parents to be active participants in the decision to transition, or move their child, to the next classroom. Your child may have the opportunity to "visit" the new classroom several times before joining the group permanently.

  • We provide daily theme related, age appropriate activities to help toddlers learn about themselves and how they fit into the world around them.
  • We know that toddlers are striving for independence and self esteem. Experiencing new activities and successfully completing tasks are very important to them. We provide an environment so that your child may choose a new adventure or explore the comfort and safety of old favorites.
  • Because toddlers learn through play and a "hands on" approach to the exploration of materials, ample space with a variety of selections of learning materials is provided.
  • Through our weekly focus on self help skills, toddlers participate in valuable experiences that will help them become more independent. They explore new tasks which refine eye-hand coordination, fine and gross motor development, and problem solving.

As a Toddler's independence grows stronger, so does the natural curiosity about the world. Knowing that the first years of life are the most important, we want to encourage and foster that inquisitiveness in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment.
*Caregivers respect their needs, Toddlers eat, sleep and play on their own desire.

  • Fine Motor Activities: Puzzles, Table Toys, Small Blocks.
  • Gross Motor Activities: Climbing, Rolling, Two-hand Throwing, Ball Throwing, Balancing.
  • Language Development: Labeling, Talking, Story Time, Flannelboard, Fingerplays.
  • Art Activities and Nature Activities
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Quiet Rest Time
  • Diaper Service
  • Outside Time
  • Music Activities: Movement, Singing, Fingerplays.
  • Fine Motor Activities: Table Toys, Floor Puzzles, Lacing, Nesting Blocks.

$200.00 per week pre-payment discount rate ($215.00 regular rate)

Two Year Old Program

A remarkable milestone is achieved as a child enters this stage of development. The ability to verbally communicate is expanded by children who are at a stage where independence and exploration are paramount. We believe that all children have the right to grow and learn in a child friendly atmosphere.
In this nurturing, loving and secure environment, children will acquire the skills necessary to prepare them for the formative preschool years, all while having fun! At the end of each day you will be given a parent communicator that will give you a look into how successful your child's day was. This very informative daily document provides observations of a caring and educational nature.

  • Art & Sensory: exposes children to the world, through all five senses, while exploring their imagination and creativity with the opportunity to express their feelings through a variety of activities.
  • Life Lessons: provides a beginning understanding of organization of thoughts which leads to critical thinking.
  • Blocks: exposes children to new vocabulary, mathematical relationships, problem solving, and experimenting while engaging your child in a creative activity.
  • Language & Library: emphasizes early literacy through story time, fingerplays, poetry, and puppets.
  • Small Manipulatives & Math: increases small muscle control with eye-hand coordination while exploring the concepts of math.
  • Playground, Music & Movement: involves whole body activities that combine rhythm, large muscle coordination, auditory discrimination, and having fun - whether indoors or outdoors!

Potty Training Workshops and Diaper Service is provided in this class.
$175.00 per week pre-payment discount rate ($190.00 regular rate)

Preschool 3-5 Year Olds

…preschoolers are learning every day at our center.
…in our art area, we see pre-reading and writing readiness skills developing.
…in our science & math areas, we observe problem solving, discovery and exploration of concepts happening.
…while playing, our preschoolers are creating their world through their imagination.
Preschool children are eager to learn. They want to test things themselves, touch, taste, smell, and hear. They learn through hands on dramatic and roll playing, they learn best by doing. Preschoolers are busy developing skills and using language.
Preschoolers are gaining more independence each day as individuals. They have a greater language capacity and may express their needs greater than toddlers. Their interactions with family and caregivers will help shape their personalities and ways of thinking.

  • Intellectual Development - They ask lots of questions, including "how" and "why" questions. They are very talkative. Their language includes silly words and profanity. They enjoy serious discussions. They should understand some basic concepts such as number, size, weight, color, texture, distance, time and position. Their classification skills and reasoning ability are developing.
  • Social and Emotional Development - They sometimes have imaginary friends. They tend to brag and be bossy. They have very active imaginations. They need to feel important and worthwhile. They can be aggressive but want friends and enjoy being with other children. They enjoy pretending to be important adults such as mom, dad, nurse, doctor, mail carrier, police officer. They appreciate praise for their achievements. They need opportunities to feel more freedom and independence. They are learning to take turns and to share. Games and other activities can help preschoolers learn about taking turns.
  • Physical Development - They run on tip toes. They gallop. They pump themselves on a swing. They hop on one foot. They begin to skip. They throw a ball overhand. They have more small muscle control. They can make representational pictures (for example, pictures of flowers, people, etc.) They like unzipping, unsnapping, and unbuttoning clothes. They dress themselves. They like lacing their own shoes. They can cut on a line with scissors. They can make designs and write letters. They are very active and aggressive in their play.

At Kids Park Preschool we strive to teach many concepts in our curriculum. We offer daily learning and instruction in everyday experiences and opportunities. Play is such an important part of learning especially by surrounding children with peers their own age. Some of the concepts we teach are:

  • Pre-Literacy Skills: letter memorization, name recognition, sounds and putting letters together to form words, sight words, emerging literacy, reading comprehension and nursery rhymes. Pre-Math Skills: numbers, shapes, patterns, measurements and graphs, sort and match by color, size, texture and shape, sequencing, seriation, and classification.
    Physical Skills: Gross motor movement-running, jumping, climbing, hopping, skipping, catching, balancing and tumbling. Fine motor movement-writing, puzzles, lacing, pincer practice including coloring and cutting, pegs in holes, stringing beads.
    Color Focus: primary and secondary colors
    Manipulatives: visual perception, hand-eye coordination, problem solving and social skills, develop self-control, demonstrate perseverance, demonstrate creativity, sort and match objects by color, size, texture, and shape.
    Social Development: turn taking, sharing, following and leading, communicating with peers, following rules and routines, identifying feelings in self and others, controlling anger and impulses, and problem solving.
    Circle Time: listening, expanding attention span, promoting oral language, learning new concepts and skills, sharing plans and ideas, participating in a group.
    Adaptive/Self-Help Skills: Button, buckle, zip, snap, tie shoes, wiping own nose and dress independently.
    Character Education: Manners, making friends, sharing feelings, empathy, problem solving, learning how to self regulate temper, helping adults and peers.
    Safety Themes: my phone number, my address, 911 emergency, fire safety, transportation, water, electricity, playing sports, riding a bike, crossing the street.
    Dramatic Play: expresses individuality and creativity, practice life skills, improve social skills, increase self-esteem, build vocabulary, addresses fears and worries, anticipate how to act in new situations, demonstrate an understanding of social expectations and attitudes of others.
    Mini-Geography & Multicultural Education: different cultures around the world this is changing theme based.
    Mini-Music Appreciation: listening skills, creative expression, explore sound, volume, tempo and rhythm.
    Science: Experiments with everyday concepts such as observation, exploration, investigation, making predictions, and experimentation. Grow boxes, class fish pet, changing theme based.
    Creative Expression: on-going art choices, changing theme based art, free art, abstracts. Expresses feelings, assert individuality, experience pride, share and cooperate with others, cause and effect, develop planning skills, hand-eye coordination, learn directionality.
    Sand and Water: experiment with textures and the properties of different substances, compare and contrast, cause and effect, fine motor control.

$165.00 per week pre-payment discount rate ($180.00 regular rate)

Kindergarten Before & After School Care

You are making an important decision when selecting the appropriate learning environment for your kindergarten child. This is the beginning of one of the biggest adventures in a child's life.

A kindergarten child is ready to:

  • Follow and give complex instructions
  • Ask and answer various questions
  • Identify and describe sequences of objects or events
  • Develop a vocabulary for self expression
  • Use information learned in various experiences to solve problems
  • Describe and discriminate objects using color, size, shape, and length
  • Classify objects
  • Match, sort, and name letters and numerals
  • Name pairs of rhyming words
  • Perform broad jumping tasks
  • Cut, place, and paste project work
  • Play cooperatively
  • Help on simple tasks such as clean up, serving snacks
  • Share and take turns
  • Cooperate with others
  • Verbalize feelings
  • Take care of own physical needs such as dressing, toileting, and eating
  • Set realistic goals for himself
  • Work independently
  • Indicate his willingness to attempt successively more difficult tasks

The Kids Park provides a bond between home experiences and the educational program. We help parents increase their understanding of child development. We encourage parents to reinforce and enrich children's learning through participating parent/child activities. We provide full transportation to and from Kindergarten and for both am and pm and all day schedules.

$125.00 per week pre-payment discount rate ($140.00 regular rate)

School Age Before & After School Care

The school age program has a flexible before-school and after-school program providing an enriching environment with fun activities, specially designed to enhance the development and self-esteem of school-age children. The program is structured to address the interests and development levels of children of all grade levels. Because the program is based on choices, children gain independence and have the freedom to learn more about what interests them.

The before and after school program: Encourages choices from a variety of fun, hands-on, age-appropriate activities.

  • Features opportunities for socialization
  • Encourages sports and physical activities
  • Provides bus transportation to and from school
  • Keeps your school ager at The Kids Park when school is out
  • Homework and Reading Time Offered
  • Meals and Snacks Provided

Our game area Includes activities like brain teasers, cool science experiments, puzzles, board games, and writing (a great place to work on homework, too)!
Our outside playground is a great place to ride bikes and skateboards, shoot some hoops, play a game with friends, or just challenge yourself to do your personal best.
Our favorite area is the creativity corner to play musical instruments, sing, dance, and express yourself! A showcase for young artists, architects, and creative minds. There's painting, crafts, woodworking, building materials, and more.
The place to just kick back and spend some quiet time or catch up with friends. It's the next best thing to being at home and the food makes afternoon snack an absolute treat! The menu is loaded with healthy snack foods to satisfy the after school munchy attacks. We provide full transportation to and from school. Don't forget to check out our exciting Summer Camp.

$95.00 per week pre-payment discount rate ($110.00 regular rate)

School Age Summer Camp

We look forward to this time all year; our summer program is filled with amazing activities, games, field trips, projects, fairs, and more!!! With our flexible hours and affordable rates your child would be bored without enrolling for the summer. Our Center provides daily field trips for School Age Children; Bowling, Swimming, Dollar Store, Parks, Skating/Skateboarding, Museums, Movie Theaters, and more!
We also have themed based activities each week including, Pajama Parties, BBQ's, Kids Park Idol, Kids Park Dance off, Boys vs. Girls Parties, Talent Shows and more!
Our staff who care for School Age Children have been specially trained in their complex development. Children at this age are reflective thinkers, thinking more logically and asking more challenging questions. School Age Children are developing a great sense of humor. They enjoy telling jokes and puns and playing more advanced games. They understand and analyze the rules and premises of the activities and games they are involved in. This is such a fun stage for our Center. Our school age children have quite a action packed day.

$140.00 per week pre-payment discount rate ($155.00 regular rate)

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

In addition to your child's preschool program or school age program, you can add our new Behavioral Intervention Program to your enrollment. This program will be taught by Registered Behavioral Therapists right in the classroom. This program is ideal for children who may be unsuccessful in a traditional preschool program or after school program. Children would benefit from a Behavior Team who will create research-based strategies individualized for your child. These strategies focus on increasing your child's motivation and improving skills like language, cooperation, making and maintaining friends, motor skills, hygiene, personal safety and more. These skilled professionals will change the classroom environment to facilitate success and learning, an environment for your child to learn and practice pro-social behaviors with structured flexibility. Some strategies include teaching through praise and motivators to achieve appropriate behavior in the classroom and at home. We will provide assistance, when necessary, by breaking down skills and prompts while not over prompting. Our goal is to develop independence by teaching the child the skills needed to be successful. We adjust teaching strategies based on the individual child as not to have the same approach with every child. Classroom will be staffed by a Certified Kids Park Teacher and a Registered Behavioral Therapist. Classroom therapists provided by BEE Kids Utah.